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Introducing a great new product for Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Indoor Soccer.  Plasticor Sport Tiles. Plasticor Sport Tiles can be laid on an existing court or a new base can be built.  The flooring has a 15 year guarantee against fading in the South African Sun.

There are companies / Project Managing Companies that approach schools and inform them on which suppliers to use and intern using substandard contractors and receiving a cut of the contract price. Leaving the court in a very poor condition within a very short period. 

Our references are current and clients we have work for up to 25 years ago. Dealing directly with our client for over 50 years and developing a professional and personal relationship we do not use any subcontractors. Therefor no passing the buck due to the middle man or creating confusion and additional costs.

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the refurbishment process

Below is a guide through the refurbishment process.

  • Court surfaced with incorrect material 2 years later
  • Court that requires work

  • Court requires a resurface

  • Structural cracks that need to be surfaced
  • Total removal of tree roots
  • Tree roots removed out of courts
  • Court repaired with premix tar

  • Incorrect paint for lines used. Lines scrapped off.
  • 3 filler coats being applied
  • 1st layer of surface finding levels
  • 2nd layer of surface applied
  • 3rd layer of all weather surface applied
  • Uniform rough texture for correct bounce
  • 1st layer of paint applied

  • 2nd coat paint

  • Completed tennis court with a 3 year guarantee
  • Completed dual court with a 3 year guarantee
  • Completed court

  • Completed court
  • Completed 2 dual courts

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